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Hygiene - Concept


What is the Hygiene – Concept?


Due to the fact that stagnant water in all pipes may contain bacterial counts >106 cfu/ml this water represents a certain level of risk. Moreover, serious sources of contamination can be process water, raw materials or other additionally added components.


What is the common approach for these problems?

In most cases a single “quick killer” is added to treat the contaminated process water. The in-can preservative is added within the last production step to ensure a long-term preservation of the product.

Due to the outstanding stability and short-term efficacy of parmetol® MBX, schülke’s new Hygiene – Concept approach requires the addition of the whole biocide concentration at the very beginning of the production process. This guarantees:

  • a highly effective biocide against contaminated process water
  • a security buffer for contaminated raw materials and
  • a long-term in-can preservation

All in one single product!

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Microbiological Quality Management

Despite the outstanding functionality of the Hygiene -  Concept a holistic production hygiene should be considered.

We are convinced that controlled and responsible use of disinfectants and preservatives is the only way to ensure the sustainable protection of man, materials and the environment. Schülke not only manufactures preservatives and disinfectants but also offers Microbiological Quality Management as a holistic approach to achieve hygienically-sound products. On request we can conduct a thorough Hygiene Audit of your plant, train your staff in hygiene practices, provide advice on factory design and compile detailed hygiene plans for your organization. If your are interested in taking a comprehensive approach to preventing microbiological contamination and safeguarding your products and processes then we will be pleased to support you.

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Technical Support
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Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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