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parmetol® MBX: fast-acting preservative with long-term protection

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What is the special effect of grotan® A 12 (BDA) in combination with BIT/MIT?

The combination of BIT/MIT and grotan® A 12 (BDA) offers a real synergistic effect against moulds, yeasts and bacteria (especially against pseudomonas species). grotan® A 12 (BDA) is boosting MIT/BIT by factor 6. Hence, parmetol® MBX is not only a fast, but also a synergistic acting in-can preservative.

What is the reason for this synergistic effect?

Amines like the BDA act membrane lytic, means membrane active – BDA damages the cell wall and allows other components to either enter in the cell or lead to an emersion of cellular material! These actives also allow for a better penetration of other actives like Isothiazolones to enter in the cell.

What has to be considered when using parmetol® MBX and at what stage should it be added to the production process?

The quality of water plays an important role for the production of water based products. Since this water could be a source of microbiological contamination, the main tasks are sanitation and prevention in order to achieve less contamination of the whole production line.

To assure a high product quality parmetol® MBX should be added at an early stage of the production process. The main advantages:

- Treatment of the production water

- Improvement of the compatibility between parmetol® MBX and additive raw materials

Why should customers use this product?

parmetol® MBX consists of two different types of actives:

- BDA/grotan® A 12 is a very fast acting “Quick Killer” active

- MIT/BIT provides a secure long-term preservation

Hence, parmetol® MBX on the one hand offers a treatment of contaminated water, raw materials and other components. On the other hand the complete active content of MIT/BIT offers a long-term preservation. Moreover, BDA is boosting MIT/BIT by factor 6 which allows for lower use concentrations.

In summary, using parmetol® MBX means time- and cost saving, because only one product (preservative) is necessary. Resources will be preserved and furthermore the customer reduces the risk of contamination for the batch production which makes a specific quarantine time.

What about the pricing aspect?

Please consider the in-can market is always price dominating. The advantages of parmetol® MBX are the following:

- 2-in-1-product

- Low use concentrations

- No unnecessary occupation of bulk tanks for quarantine

- VOC | AOX | CMIT and Formaldehyde free

- Product Hygiene Integrated Preservative

Please contact your responsible area manger for a price indication.

Are there any incompatibilities to be expected when using parmetol® MBX?

- Polyphosphates might be problematic if parmetol MBX is added afterwards (a slight white discoloration in the final formulation could occur).

- Raw materials containing formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors maybe problematic beacuse BDA and formaldehyde might react!

For appropriate complexing agents or defoamers that are compatible with parmetol® MBX please contact our application department (see contact).

Why grotan® BA 21 and grotanol® FF 1 N?

schülke has implemented a new product line, to allow a formaldehyde- and MIT-free preservation of waterbased systems. The new products have been developed as a solution to the ongoing formaldehyde and MIT discussions in the EU, especially in France and Denmark. grotan® BA 21, a synergistic combination of bis(3-aminopropyl)dodecylamine (BDA) and benzisothiazolone (BIT) provides an immediate-acting preservative option with long-term protection, without methylisothiazolinone (MIT).

Additionally to parmetol® MBX and grotan® BA 21 schülke has developed the formaldehyde-free system cleaner grotanol® FF 1 N based on bis(3-aminopropyl)dodecylamine (BDA), benzisothiazolone (BIT) and sodium pyrithione. With a distinguished biocidal and cleaning performance offers this system cleaner the possibility to reduce the use of in-can preservatives sustainable. grotanol® FF 1 N is suitable for steel, non-ferrous metal and aluminum alloys.

The efficacy of parmetol® MBX and grotan® BA 21 can be affected by combination with specific surfactants. For a consultation please contact us at any time.

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