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parmetol® MBX


Highly-effective in-can preservative without formaldehyde and AOX

The prevention of microbiological degradation of products containing water is one of the most important challenges now and in future. Since paints and coatings are nowadays mainly water-based microbiological contamination can be an issue within these systems.


Our task

When choosing a suitable preservative for a paints & coatings product there are various factors to consider – different ingredients, pH value, compatibility, legal approvals and climate conditions – to name a few. The large number of possible microorganisms, different packaging and storing conditions, and the enormous diversity of raw materials imposes demands that cannot be covered by just one microbial active.


Our solution

With the comprehensive parmetol® product line, schülke has developed sophisticated multi component preservative systems to sufficiently protect paints and coatings. At this point, due to its excellent properties for the preservation of paints and coatings on parmetol® MBX and grotan® BA 21 are referenced.


parmetol® MBX - broad spectrum of efficacy

  • Very fast acting, efficient (30 – 50 % less biocides needed, compared to standard systems)
  • Outstanding synergism with IPBC (and other fungicides)
  • Opportunity to eliminate the risk for quaratine time for finished products
  • Security buffer for contaminated raw materials
  • Inhibition of proliferation of aerobic/anaerobic microorganisms in aqueous systems
  • Free of formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors, free of CIT, VOC and AOX
  • Proven "Blue Angel" conformity by German EPA (Umweltbundesamt) according to RAL-UZ 102 and 113 up to 0.3 %
  • Approved biocide by IKEA (IOS-MAT-066)
  • Ecolabel conform
  • No H317-/EU H208-labelling of products containing < 2 % / < 0.2 %  of parmetol® MBX

Hygiene - Concept


parmetol® MBX product profile

Product profile


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Technical Support
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