Metalworking Fluids

Preservation of water-based metalworking fluids.


parmetol® MBX


Preservation for metalworking fluids

Microbiological spoilage of water-mixed metalworking fluids is one of the biggest threats to quality, work and process safety of metalworking processes and for the health of employees.


Our task

When choosing a suitable preservative for a metalworking fluid there are various factors to consider – different ingredients, pH value, compatibility, legal approvals and climate conditions – to name a few. The large number of possible microorganisms cannot be covered by just one microbial active.


Our solution

schülke offers the metalworking industry a complete range of tailor-made biocides for all possible applications; such as preservation of metalworking fluid concentrates, post treatment of water mixed metalworking fluids and microbiocidal system cleaners.


parmetol® MBX - suitable preservative for metalworking fluid concentrates and post treatment

  • Broad spectrum microbicide
  • Very fast acting, efficient (30 – 50 % less biocides needed compared to standard systems)
  • Outstanding synergism with IPBC (and other fungicides)
  • Improved stability of parmetol® MBX (especially MIT) in presence of IPBC and Phenoxyethanol
  • Better performance compared to CMIT/MIT
  • Inhibition of proliferation of aerobic/anaerobic microorganisms in aqueous systems
  • Free of formaldehyde and formaldehyde donors, free of AOX and VOC
  • No H317-/EU H208-labelling of products containing < 2 % / < 0.2 % of parmetol® MBX

Hygiene - Concept


parmetol® MBX product profile

Product profile


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Technical Support
Phone: +49 40 52100-100

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

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